Credit Cards

I’ve been a long-time user of using new credit cards with their huge sign-up bonuses to gain free travel!  If you are organized and able to use credit responsibly, it’s a good option for free travel!

Over the past 20-ish years I’ve traveled on (free) award tickets to Hawai’i, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Paris, Vietnam, Thailand (while in Thailand I bought a $400 ticket to visit Bali, while I was in the neck of the woods), Mexico City, Bahamas, Las Vegas, Miami, Kansas City, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and more.  Also, I’ve recently used hotel points to gain free hotel rooms in Dubai and Bangkok and I look forward to start travel hacking hotels in the near future.

I’ve used credit card portals like Nerdwallet, creditkarma and CardsForTravel to find the latest credit card deals. Not all sights offer the same amount of bonus miles for do your research and get the best deal.  Periodically if you apply directly AT the bank or on their website they may offer a higher bonus, check around.

Besides generous sign-up bonuses, here are 10 Ways to Earn Frequent Flyer Miles without Flying.

Once you have earned your points, spend them wisely and maximize them! You can do this by checking award charts to see which airline has the cheapest points needed for your destination.

Often times airlines run their own special promotions where you can earn gobs of bonus points, for certain purchases. Take advantage of those specials when they come around, if it’s something you truly need, otherwise, pass.