Photo Tips

As a professional photographer, you can imagine, photography is a major part of my adventures. Each trip has a different reason and for each trip I take the appropriate camera gear needed for the outcome I need. Some trips are to travel and adventure and have fun, others are specifically to create artwork worthy of selling or hanging in a gallery.

What Camera Should I Buy??

I’m frequently asked, “What camera should I buy”. Wow! That’s one of the hardest questions to answer and I would say, “It depends”. Are you going to photograph landscapes, macro (bugs/jewelry), underwater photography, high-fashion, buildings and architecture, fireworks, sports, ballerinas, tumbleweeds, people, race cars, festivals at night, stars….do you see where I’m going with this…. there are many factors that go into deciding the right kind of equipment, for you and your needs. And…. now with video being so popular, and the wave of the future, you need a camera that does both, well! The best photo tips I can give you is to write out a list of what you think you’ll be using your camera most and research cameras with those features.

Selecting Your Camera

Most of all, select a camera that will suit your needs now, and at least a year or two in the future! I seem to upgrade my professional equipment (that I use for my photography business, Acclaimed Photography, every two years). Cameras and features change soo much, soo quickly and as a professional I need to keep up. The quality of the camera and lenses are REALLY worth it to upgrade. When I do, I use the prior model as a backup.

Photo Tips